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Picosure Laser Treatment

• Tattoo Removal

• Tattoo Lightening

Aftercare Treatment Instructions

Technology and Effectiveness


The PicoSure name comes from being the first picosecond laser ever created – Delivering pulsed bursts of energy every trillionth of a second to remove tattoo ink quickly & effectively.


Traditional lasers simply heat the pigment in the skin. The PicoSure produces short pulses to break the pigment into tiny particles the body can easily eliminate. PicoSure accomplishes this with minimal impact to the skin surrounding the treatment area – expediting patient recovery time.  PicoSure is capable of targeting all colors in the spectrum including blue & green ink.

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Clinically proven and FDA-approved!


The laser was tested in a clinical studying which 22 patients showed an average of 94% tattoo removal over 2 weeks of treatment. A second study reinforced those results, with most patients showing marked tattoo clearance in just 1 to 5 treatments. The PicoSure laser was FDA approved in 2012. It is manufactured by Cynosure, a leader in laser technology for cosmetic use.


So if you have a tattoo you want removed, even one you’ve tried to eliminate before but is still visible, call us and ask about the PicoSure laser today.

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How it works:

A tattoo artist injected a large molecular weight pigment deep into the dermis layer of your skin. These molecules are so large your body is unable to break them down & reabsorb the ink – which means your tattoo is “permanent.”  PicoSure directs an intense beam of light at your tattoo – shattering the ink into tiny fragments.  Your lymphatic system then carries away these pigment fragments & excretes them from the body.  Even dark or brightly colored tattoos fade away with PicoSure.  This laser uses a patented dual treatment approach known as Pressure Wave™ based on an ultra-short pulse duration. The PicoSecond width is equal to a trillion pulses within one second – this is one hundred times shorter than nanosecond. PicoSure makes a rapid popping sound as the beam fires each time. The entire treatment session is quick & everyone in the room wears protective glasses.


The process:

Most patients find the discomfort level manageable.  Many patients compare it to a rubber band snapping against the skin or sunburned skin. We offer complimentary skin numbing using the chiller – which blows refrigerated air directly onto the treatment area.  Each laser treatment destroys & removes the pigment closest to the skin surface.  Your top layer may take six weeks to be absorbed before the deeper tattoo pigment can be treated.  Laser tattoo removal is accomplished one layer at a time.

Treatment Information

The results:

The PicoSure benefits are permanent.  Each stage of fading is permanent – up to & including complete removal if this is your goal.


Number of treatments required:

The PicoSecond state of the art technology results in fewer treatments & faster results than machines approved by the FDA approved prior to this one.  Faded tattoos &/or those applied by an amateur normally disappear in as few as one to five treatments.  Factors affecting speed of removal include: tattoo or lesion age / size / location on body / overall patient health & lifestyle / ability of skin to heal / depth of placement.  PicoSure is capable of removing all colors in the spectrum – even the ones that were challenging when using previous technology.

Frequency of treatments:

Tattoo fading is a gradual process & depends on your own immune system to work. We recommend waiting at least six weeks to receive the greatest value from your treatment sessions.  Your tattoo will fade more & more over this six week duration.


Aftercare instructions:

Review the Aftercare Treatment Instructions.  Your tattoo may temporarily turn a gray color or have a frosted appearance while the Doctor is using the laser on it.  The area may be swollen & red following the treatment – but this normally lasts only a few hours.  It is important to avoid sun exposure on the treated skin as it is in the process of healing.  This area may feel like it was mildly sunburned & this is normal. We simply ask that you follow the Aftercare Instructions to put you in the best position for the fastest healing.

Side effects:

Described in the Aftercare Instructions: Patients may experience a combination of any of the following: swelling / redness / scabbing / light pinprick bleeding / blistering / fading.  Most patients say their skin feels the same to the touch on the treatment area as it does in the area surrounding it following healing.